Complete frame cleaner, cassette, derailleurs, rollers...

Vulcanet® cleans, degreases, protects, polishes and lubricates in a single pass.

Vulcanet®, keep your passion like new. Without drying and without traces.

No equipment, no water, no brush, no foam, no brush.

  1. Unscrew the box cover
  2. Remove the aluminium lid from the box
  3. Remove a wipe from the centre of the roll
  4. Clean the surfaces, proceed in small parts and let act if necessary. Vulcanet immediately takes off and captures all dirt.
  5. Vulcanet® remains usable as long as it is wet.
  6. When the surface is clean, polish with the grey microfiber in the cover and make quick movements.

In high heat, work small areas quickly.

In wet weather, dry the surface with a dry cloth.

Contains 60 mini Vulcanets + microfiber M420 grs.

Available in large format for car, motorcycle, plane, boat.

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