I have a question!

Can I use Vulcanet wipes to clean my chain directly before greasing it?

Are wipes recommended for cleaning carbon parts? It’s a very delicate material.
Very good question… actually clean the carbon without altering the mechanical capacity, without removing the resin that keeps the fibers compressed, it’s cotton…. Uh, no carbon!
With Vulcanet, we already clean carbon bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes, carbon sport car hulls, aerodynamic carbon parts, etc… so the exhaust pipe….from Edouard ORCEL’s bike…. YES, WE’LL CLEAN IT UP!

Does Vulcanet scratch ?

Does Vulcanet avoid scratches?
Yes especially micro-scratches

Easy cleaning
It seems that the more I clean with Vulcanet, the easier it is to clean
Yes and less you use Vulcanet

Sun cleaning
Can I clean in direct sunlight ?
Yes, by passing the microfiber immediately to cure Vulcanet before the sun evaporates it, you must have a video on site.

Can I use another microfiber?
Yes and No. Yes because you may have a shiny effect at the time and No because the design and composition of the microfiber must be specific to Vulcanet’s durable curing.

Expiration date
I wanted to know if there was an “expiration date” on a box of 60 wipes? Basically if I buy two or three boxes and after two years I start the third box will it be as effective?

Tell you about a Vulcanet 2 years old… it is a real miracle… it improves like Bordeaux wine… From the opening you will have a small smoke of Roquefort perfume or lilac of Provence, it depends on the lots… to the touch you will have a strong deodorant type sensation for lonely male in rut… as for the efficiency, then I prefer not to say anything, it’s colossal, the odometer runs back 500 km / wipe. That’s crazy! ( but that’s not true;-))
Come on, I’m done. More seriously: if you keep your box out of the heat, it will stay the way you bought it.
It’s a shame, it would have been fun if it had evolved over time.
Bravo for your confidence and go without fear.

Vulcanet it’s expensive!
It is important to know that Vulcanet is the cheapest product on the market.
All the tests in the press show it: in use, to refurbish a car with Vulcanet, you will spend 4 wipes or 2.25 €.
And for a motorcycle, one or two.
With the old products, to get that perfect result, count how many products you needed to buy and at what cost.
Are all you can do with Vulcanet and encrypt other methods…

Does Vulcanet attract flies ?

No… do you have any other stupid questions?

Does Vulcanet contain silicone ?
Practical test, do you have to play: on the cleaned part with Vulcanet, stick a wide strip of adhesive tape. It adheres: no problem with silicone!!

Expiration date
Do Vulcanet wipes have an expiry date or not?
No at all, remember to close the box and do not put it in a warm place above a radiator for example, because the window cleaner could evaporate.

Tar and dried fat
Does Vulcanet really remove tar and dried fat ?
You tell me… you might be bluffed: p

Is Vulcanet harmful, should we wear gloves?
No problem, otherwise all our sales people would be one-armed (with the number of demos without gloves) and don’t take it meanly but at Vulcanet we have a sense of humour !

Roll faster
Will Vulcanet make me drive faster?

Yes, thanks to the anti-static film you will have an aerodynamic effect, but flap your ears :p

Protective film
Does Vulcanet leave a film ?
A romantic action movie??? No, I’m kidding. Of course, it protects the surface. Do this test: Treat half a cover, then put a coin on the untreated part, then on the treated part.
The difference will speak for itself!
Similarly, you can spray water on both parts and see the difference.

Do you have an answer?
And while waiting for my box, I asked myself a question and I did not find the answer on your site.

If I don’t have any more PQ, can I use Vulcanet instead?
And if so, should I use microfiber after?
We tried to try with the mice, but their arms are too short to wipe themselves, they ate the wipe.
Be careful around the sphincter has folds ( wash your hands, take a mirror or keys…), in which Vulcanet may stagnate. There you have a real risk of irritation.
The use of microfiber, will fix the resins on the hair and on your washer, it can shine and make a disco effect…for evenings.
You will also need to stop breathing during your test, as a call of air may cause the wipe to renter into the rectum, creating an artificial silencer (only for noise, no effect on odour).

More seriously There is no particular risk on the epidermis to use Vulcanet in everyday use, as indicated on the label and in the MSDS, for your idea, forgotten…

Shiny paint
Is the use of wipes on the mat making the paint shiny?
Ah the mast! That’s a real question…
Go ahead, Vulcanet is used a lot by the préparateurs on the Mat .
The shine will be brilliant, and magic, magic: the Matt will remain Matt.
Watch out for one thing, the cleanliness of the grey 420 microfiber.
I explain myself: When, after cleaning the surface with the wipe, you pass the microfiber.
When moving the microfiber back and forth on the Mat surface, you should not have dark fingerprints.
If this is the case, your microfiber is dirty, you must clean it (washing machine 40°C without fabric softener)
Every time we had a case of matt becoming satin, it was due to spreading with greasy microfiber pollution.
So for the Mat: Microfiber must be perfectly clean.

Dry wipe
My wipes have slightly dried, what can I do to avoid this?
Dry wipes: Vulcanet does not dry, unless you store it over a radiator.
On the other hand with time the liquid goes down, so: turn the box over 2 or 3 seconds, or stir it there, or lay it there and it’s gone again.

Is there one side of your microfiber to be used before the other? One to spread the other to clean ?
Both sides have the same effect on the polymerization of Vulcanet resins.

When should I wash the microfiber ?Very simple, when on a glass surface, at the change of movement of the hand, it makes dark marks, then you must wash it.

Microfiber washing
How to wash the microfiber ?
Washing machine at 40 °C

Vulcanet drying
Does Vulcanet dry ?
Yes, if you do not put the red cap back on the black box before closing with the microfiber in the hood, or if you put the Vulcanet box on a radiator !!! (Which is forbidden)

Number of Vulcanet
How many Vulcanet are in the box?

60, it says on the box…

How to pass Vulcanet on a body covered with sand ?
Drag Vulcanet without pressing ! Vulcanet will coat itself around the grains of sand, and capture them in its cells. As soon as the surface is slippery you can press.

Earth cleaning
Can a surface covered with earth be cleaned with Vulcanet ?
Yes if you have money to throw out the window

Does Vulcanet remove scratches?

What’s in Vulcanet?
From Vulcanet

The product
No I mean as product ?
Do I ask you who is in your bed??