Knowledge Is Power

What is in Vulcanet ?

The product of many years of expertise, hard work, and many secrets! Some may call it a miracle!

Protective film 
Does Vulcanet leave a film ?

Of course, it protects the surface. Try this test : Treat half of your machine, run your hand over the untreated part first and then feel the treated part.
The difference will leave you speechless!
Also, you can spray water on both areas and see the difference.

Drive faster
Because of Vulcanet, am I able to go faster ?

Technically speaking…Yes thanks to water repellent and antistatic film you will have an aerodynamic effect… We’re not sure how your speedo would register the effect though.

Is Vulcanet harmful, should we put on gloves ?

No! If it was all our trading staff would be penguins! We conduct thousands of glove free demos.
*Caution.. At Vulcanet we have sense of humor!

Does Vulcanet attract flies ?

No… ?

Don’t you think Vulcanet is expensive ?
Vulcanet is the ultimate cleaning product combining the actions of many products together, all in one. Vulcanet is also a premium product meaning it is not “cheap” to produce. Each tub will clean your motorbike up to 40 times or your car a dozen times. Vulcanet is in fact great value.

Can I use another microfiber ?

Yes and no. Yes, because you will have a brilliant effect at the time. But… also No because the design of the microfibre and composition is very specific to get the optimal lasting performance from Vulcanet. 

Sun cleaning
Can I clean in the sun ?
Yes, use the microfibre immediately to polymerize Vulcanet before the sun evaporates it. See some of our videos on the website.

Easy cleaning
It seems that the more I clean with Vulcanet the easier it is to clean. Is that right?

It is! The bonus is then you use less Vulcanet after that. Vulcanet coats and protects your surface making it repel dirt and nasties. Your next application of Vulcanet is then working on a surface that has been cared for previously, meaning less effort for you, and the product.

Avoid scratches
Does Vulcanet avoid the creation of scratches ?
Yes especially micro scratches, we are fanatics and enthusiasts ourselves. We want to look after your machine as if it was our own.

Will Vulcanet cause scratches?
No, Vulcanet is a premium product designed with the ultimate care of your Pride & Joy in mind.

Remove scratches
Does Vulcanet removes scratches ?

Can we clean with Vulcanet a surface caked with mud?

Yes if you have a lot of money! We advise a traditional rinse or wash to return your pride and joy to some sort of order first.

Can Vulcanet be used on sand covered bodywork / surfaces ?
Yes, you need to carefully apply Vulcanet without rubbing. Vulcanet will wrap around sand particles and capture them in the cells on the wipe. Once the surface is slippery you can rub gently. The fibres will wrap around the particles and the cleaning solution will turn the particles into a soft globule.

Number of wipes
How many Vulcanet wipes are in one tube ?
Between 85 and 88.

Dries out
Will the Vulcanet tub dry out ?
Yes, if you do not put the red cap on the black tube before closing with microfibre in the cap. Or if you put the tube on a radiator. (Which is not a good idea anyway!)

White streaks
I have white streaks like fog on the windows 24 hours after cleaning with Vulcanet ?
You used the microfibre too quickly, the product has not sufficiently polymerized on the surface. Simply use your microfibre again.

Wash microfiber
How I have to wash the microfibre ?
Machine wash at 40°C and air dry, Do not Tumble Dry.

When do I need to wash my microfibre cloth ?
Very simple, our exquisite product maintains your Pride & Joy. The premium microfibre is an important part of that, so it is important to wash it once in a while